Our Products:
HP Hiflex MIS
Management Information System

Workflow Automation
HP Hiflex Webshop
Web-to-Print System

Based on OpenSource CMS (Drupal)
HP Hiflex Print Support
eProcurement System

Optimized print and media purchasing

Hot Topics:
HP Hiflex MIS & W2P
Enterprise Cloud Computing

First Print MIS
with Cloud Computing
HP Hiflex MIS & W2P
Case Studies

Articles and news releases on customer success stories
HP Hiflex MIS & W2P
iPhone and PDA Interface

Estimate, CRM, JDF/JMF on iPhone and PDA
The name "HP Hiflex" stands like no other for software solutions that automate business and technical processes for the graphics industry. As the market and technology leader, we take our responsibility seriously for ensuring that our customers stay consistently ahead of their competition. [Company Profile]

Our repeat awarded software-solutions are HP Hiflex MIS, HP Hiflex Webshop und HP Hiflex Print Support. With HP Hiflex, you opt for the worldwide technology leader: 17 CIP4 Innovation Awards, JDF certification for MIS and numerous exclusive patents clearly confirm that position. [CIP4 Innovation Award]

HP Hiflex MIS & Web-to-Print - Business Automation Systems:
Expertise and innovation guarantee you a decisive advantage