HP Hiflex Webshop has been developed for painless utilization by any print company - including those who do not use any other HP Hiflex products. Open up new markets and achieve a dramatic boost to your efficiency when creating print products. The award-winning HP Hiflex Webshop supports you in every aspect of fast, cost-effective and quality-assured media production.
Product matrix and estimation A convenient product configuration tool allows print products to be selected and configured online. Only a small number of options are needed in the background to achieve a comprehensive range of product variants: 25 product properties can be combined into more than 1.500 different final products.
Online product design HP Hiflex Webshop is an open system that allows the integration of third-party functionalities. Next to the already implemented PDF Online Designer, for instance, it is possible to integrate external tools that offer webshop visitors the functions of professional DTP applications. In this way, individual print products can be created quickly and easily.
Quotation and factsheet HP Hiflex Webshop automatically generates a quotation and an order factsheet in PDF format. This factsheet contains an overview of the selected product with all the relevant product details, as well as information on the required type and layout of the print data file, assuming that the customer has chosen to upload their own files.
Shopping Cart The HP Hiflex shopping cart shows the customer anytime which print products were selected. The checkout site enables the specification of delivery and invoice addresses. The desired type of payment can also be chosen.
Account management The account management functions in HP Hiflex Webshop are used to enter and manage the company and user data of print buyers. A company account permits several purchasing employees to access the same account.
Data upload and preflight check HP Hiflex Webshop incorporates a user-friendly file upload function with a optional preflight check. As a consequence, the suitability of the print data can be verified immediately after uploading.