Product matrix and estimation
A convenient product configuration tool allows print products to be selected and configured online. Only a small number of options are needed in the background to achieve a comprehensive range of product variants: 25 product properties can be combined into more than 1.500 different final products.

One of the many features which makes HP Hiflex Webshop so special is its simple structure. The individual elements of a print product are broken down into their smallest components and, as such, can be selected separately. The print buyer uses an online configuration tool to assemble the desired products. The user guidance in HP Hiflex Webshop could hardly be more straightforward: Product properties such as format, number of pages, color, paper, finishing and refinement options, are defined step by step. The system then immediately calculates and displays a quotation price based on the user's selections. Custom formats and individual run lengths can also be specified, where required.

Despite the diversity of combination possibilities, the printer only needs to manage a limited number of options in the background. For example, a folded flyer only has 25 features, but they can be combined to achieve 1.536 different product variants. There are more than 300.000 individual print products to choose from throughout the standard product portfolio.
Product matrix and estimation - online configuration tool
The print buyer is given an easy to use,
online configuration tool to assemble
their desired products.
During the configuration process, unworkable combinations are excluded by way of a configurable plausibility check and any essential processing steps (e.g. creasing with 200 gsm stocks) are automatically added. Where appropriate, products may also consist of multiple parts, such as cover and content pages.

Product configuration with custom formats and any number of pages are unique in the Web-to-Print world. The format of the desired print product can be defined in steps of as little as one millimeter. Changes affecting individual components are very easy to implement and become applicable for all linked products. If the price for a particular type of paper changes, for example, the new price must only be updated at one point in the system. The price change is then immediately available in the online estimate of all products configured to use this paper.

As soon as the product definition is completed, the calculated prices are shown for various order quantities. If the desired amount is not shown, the customer can specify an individual run length for generation of a quotation. The system calculates all prices online and in real time.
The prices for various order volumes <br> are calculated and displayed in real time.
The prices for various order volumes
are calculated and displayed in real time.