Target group-oriented marketing
One of the major challenges for a webshop is successful marketing. With this in mind, HP Hiflex Webshop offers effective sales and marketing tools to assist the webshop operator with prospect acquisition, customer relations development and success evaluation.

Careful target group analysis is imperative if prospect acquisition and customer relations development are to function properly. A reseller may often need "wire-stitching", a general business customer is more likely to look for "advertising brochures", and private individuals will probably search for "booklets" or "club magazines". All have the same product in mind, but each knows it by a different name. If you hope to do good business, it is of the utmost importance that you speak the same language as the customer. To be able to address all of your target groups efficiently, HP Hiflex provides a multi-branding license. This allows you to operate several webshops with different content and designs under different domain names. Consequently, each unique domain is able to focus on their respective target group.

HP Hiflex Webshop is optional suitable for the handling of other products, including promotional articles. Typical examples of such products are mugs, baseball caps, pens and roll-up banners.

Search engine optimization for top search engine rankings was a matter of extreme importance for the developers of HP Hiflex Webshop. All the important search engine technologies have been taken into account. "Speaking URLs" support you through optimization, they describe the content of each web page within the web address and contribute to rankings by making your webshop easier to find.

Google Analytics plays an important role in measuring the success of marketing campaigns. Comprehensive statistics and analysis are available in text and charts. The data can be displayed as either time-related or location-dependent.
Target group-oriented marketing with Google Analytics
View an accurate overview of who,
when and from where your website was visited.