Online product design
HP Hiflex Webshop is an open system that allows the integration of third-party functionalities. Next to the already implemented PDF Online Designer, for instance, it is possible to integrate external tools that offer webshop visitors the functions of professional DTP applications. In this way, individual print products can be created quickly and easily.

The basic version of HP Hiflex Webshop already incorporates integrated tools for professional, template-driven online product design.

PDF-Online: PDFlib is a sophisticated tool for PDF file creation and processing. It is a standard module of HP Hiflex Webshop and offers ideal functionality for the dynamic generation of print-ready PDF files. PDF documents with text and images are created online within webshop. PDFlib neither uses nor requires any additional software for PDF creation and is pre-installed with the supplied software package.

Kroppr: This module is a graphics tool which can be integrated into HP Hiflex Webshop. Kroppr is used to scale, rotate and crop uploaded images. These images can be processed online and incorporated into existing layouts - all without the need for additional software. Kroppr is part of the basic version of HP Hiflex Webshop.
Online product design with Kroppr
The print buyer is given an easy to use,
online configuration tool to assemble
their desired products.
Pageflip: The PageFlip effect - a function simulating the turning of a page - permits live presentations in the style of a book or magazine. With this module the customer is able to preview and check the final appearance of a corresponding print product on screen.
The PageFlip effect
The prices for various order volumes
are calculated and displayed in real time.
The design options in HP Hiflex Webshop can be extended with a variety of supplementary modules, all of which seamlessly interface with the system.

Below you find a short view of typical products:

XMPie: This software module optimizes the online creation of personalized print products. Instead of static content, XMPie combines variable images with different text and background colors. It is a good tool for the personalized generation of brochures, mailings, calendars, catalogues and many other products.

Pageflex: With Pageflex at your fingertips you can create CI-conformant print products. Working online, you can produce complex, original documents which would otherwise demand the attention of a graphic designer. The Pageflex technology permits direct editing (WYSIWYG) within the layout - right down to the microtypography. At the same time, a personalization option (Data Merge) draws dynamic content from a database to generate individually targeted documents.

InDesign-Server: The internationally renowned layout program Adobe InDesign is also distributed in a server version. Following installation on the Web server, it offers extensive functionality for the creation of print products, with an endless assortment of layout and typography options.