Integration of delivery services
An interface between HP Hiflex Webshop and the leading delivery services ensures a fast and reliable delivery of the finished products to the customer. When an order is received, a delivery note with a tracking number (UPS) is generated.

As soon as an order is received, the HP Hiflex system optional establishes contact to a delivery service. Shipping of the printed products is then scheduled in the UPS system and confirmed by communication of a tracking number.

HP Hiflex Webshop offers an automatic delivery scheduling interface to the parcel services UPS. In this case, the print order simply needs to be entered into the HP Hiflex system and the delivery service is automatically notified of the required shipping information. Via export interfaces it is possible to connect other delivery services such as FedEx or DPD.

As soon as the shipping process is initiated, the customer can use the available package tracking functions to monitor their order status.
UPS label in HP Hiflex Webshop
UPS labels are generated
automatically when an order is received.