Data upload and preflight check
HP Hiflex Webshop incorporates a user-friendly file upload function with a optional preflight check. As a consequence, the suitability of the print data can be verified immediately after uploading.

With HP Hiflex Webshop, the print buyer is offered an extremely simple means of transferring print data to your servers. This can be accomplished either as a direct file upload upon completion of the ordering process, or by way of an upload link sent to the customer in the order confirmation e-mail. In the case of direct data upload, the customer selects the print-ready file on their computer and initiates the transfer, which begins immediately. The size of the file and the remaining upload time are calculated automatically and displayed continuously by the system, allowing the customer to follow the progress of the data transfer.

When the data upload is completed, the system moves on to the optional preflight check (e.g. Callas PDF Toolbox) and verifies that the received file meets all prerequisites for printing. Individual verification profiles can be applied for this check. If a file is found to be unsuitable for printing, the customer is informed as to the non-compliant points or items.

The simple file upload feature and optional preflight check eliminate any need for last-minute calls to the customer that may have arisen while working in a legacy workflow. If the print products are created using the online product designer, this process step is not necessary, as the system automatically generates print-ready data.
Data upload and preflight check
1. The customer selects the files to be transferred.
2. The optional preflight check verifies the suitability of the print data immediately after uploading.
3. A preview image shows the file that has been transferred.
4. A final confirmation from the customer is required to complete the upload process.