Administration and web design
The administration and design of HP Hiflex Webshop are handled by the open source web content management system (CMS) "Drupal". Professional websites can be created and administrated via this CMS. Individual elements of the webpage are easily positioned by a drag-and-drop interface, and can be revealed or hidden with the click of your mouse.

HP Hiflex Webshop is integrated as an application into the worldwide leading content management system "Drupal". With "Drupal", it is possible to create and edit online content without special programming or DTP knowledge. "Drupal" is distributed as an open-source package and can be used free of charge. There are already hundreds of thousands of different websites using "Drupal" as their CMS. These include websites for companies such as Sony Playstation, Sony BMG, Greenpeace, New York Observer or MTV.

"Drupal" has garnered an extensive developer community, whose members are constantly working to improve the system by creating expansions and new modules. The open-source CMS "Drupal" is comprised of a core, which delivers the basic functionality, surrounded by any number of plug-in modules which can be added as required. In this way, it offers a limitless scope of functions and features, available in almost every language. On you can download thousands of modules for free.
Administration and web design

Literally hundreds of design templates (or "themes") available in every conceivable style and color can be downloaded from the internet. Simple activation then defines or transforms the entire appearance of your personalized webshop. Additionally, Drupal editing allows you to drag and drop elements between different page blocks. It is so intuitive that you can minimize the expensive services of an external graphic designer.

HP Hiflex provides a "multi-domain license" with a variety of layouts. The advantage of this arrangement is that all domains are linked to the same back-end system. Customers who use Google to search for a printing agency, for example, may discover several alternatives, but these shops are simply parallel interfaces to the same supplier: you.

Benefits of "Drupal" at a glance:

Individual design: "Drupal" is an open-source CMS which allows users to assemble individual websites according to their particular needs and wishes. The desired appearance of a page can be attained with Drupal "themes". A complete design makeover is possible with just a few mouse clicks.

Backing of an online community: "Drupal" boasts a comprehensive programming framework and a large online community, that offers thousands of plug-in modules from the internet for free.

Search engine optimization (SEO): "Drupal" is optimized for interaction with search engines and offers numerous tools for fine tuning the website (automatic generation of meta tags, creation of a site map for Google, etc.). At the same time, the "speaking URLs" and the strict separation of design and content ensures high rankings in all of the leading search engines.

No license costs: Being open-source software, there are no license costs for "Drupal". The CMS can be downloaded from the internet free of charge. Numerous plug-ins are available to integrate additional functions into your website.

Comprehensive documentation: Countless books and video tutorials have been published on practically every aspect of "Drupal". Simply search for "Drupal" at Amazon or YouTube. You will be impressed at the amount of educational resources that are available.

Local support: Thousands of web developers are specialized in "Drupal". You are almost certain to find a local expert who will assist you with