HP Hiflex Web-to-Print
HP Hiflex Webshop offers a complete Web-to-Print system, finely tuned to the needs of the print market, while supporting a fully customizable design and layout. A sophisticated MIS package controls all customer, order and product data in the background.

 HP Hiflex Demo Portal BestPrint24.com

Web-to-Print from viewpoint of the print buyer

Product matrix, estimation, online product design, quotation, shopping cart, data upload
Web-to-Print from viewpoint of the print company

Administration and web design, configuration of the product matrix, customer data base
Closed Webshop for business customers

Customer-specific portals for the orderung of CI-conformant print products
Web-to-Print Examples...

... from real-life
Hiflex Mobile

Estimate, CRM, JDF/JMF on the Apple iPhone
HP Hiflex Print Support

Optimized print and media purchasing via web-based eProcurement tool