HP Hiflex Print Support
HP Hiflex Print Support: Powerful, web-based procurement system makes your usual purchasing process substantially more efficient.


eProcurement optimizes print and media purchasing
  • Usable without special costs - independent of other HP Hiflex products
  • Print Support digitally images the procurement process and provides optimal support for routine activities
  • Web-based procurement system for print and media purchasing
  • Cost-free accessibility for purchasers and suppliers
  • No investment expenditures for hardware or software
  • One company account, separate logins for employees
  • Efficiently define and execute print and media jobs
  • Work with your usual suppliers or add new ones as needed
  • Keep your established procedures for inquiries and order placements
  • Convenient use, creation, and alteration of product descriptions and technical specifications
  • Contains ready-to-use product templates, or can be customized according to your needs
  • Track due dates and view analyses
  • Automated communication through e-mail
  • Visual overview of the entire procurement workflow
  • Integration capability with HP Hiflex MIS and other specialized software systems
  • Can be embedded in the JDF workflow through transmission of JDF files to the appropriate supplier (awarded by CIP4)
  • Display of the suppliers' feedback in Print Support. The entire order processing is clearly represented, leading to major time savings in order comparison. Inquiries, reminders, and changes can be fully automated. Cancellations, announcements, and orders are conveyed directly from the overview in pre-defined e-mails.
    Each purchasing agent/procurement specialist has his or her own supplier database. New suppliers can be entered manually or acquired from the Print Support database and qualified for specific jobs.
    Besides the basic data, the database holds technical specifications, which can be entered manually or by means of an imported template, depending on need.