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Partner and Developer Program HPI = HP Hiflex XML/SOAP API       

Integrate your Web-to-Print or any other software solution for print
service providers to the HP Hiflex MIS API (HPI) and expand your
business opportunities through our strategic partner programs.

  Easy integration - Itís easy to integrate your solution to the
HP Hiflex MIS System. We provide resources and integration support
to make your development project go smoothly.
  Marketing Your Solution - Once youíve integrated your solution,
join one of our partner programs to gain valuable marketing exposure
to our network. We list qualified partners in our online directories,
which are visited by thousands of print service providers each month.
  Business Development - In addition to generating new customers
for your business, HP Hiflex will reward you for referring your customers
to us! Join our Affiliate Reseller Program and earn additional revenue
by introducing us to your customers.

Using Web-to-Print presents innovative growth opportunities for print service providers. Add full JDF automation and greater overall efficiency to your solutions. Expand your business today by integrating your software product to our HP Hiflex MIS system.

HP Hiflex HPI Documentation
Click here to access the HP Hiflex XML/SOAP API Documentation