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We are pleased that you are interested in a live demonstration of the HP Hiflex software. This demonstration can take place both in your house as well as in our house. During the demonstration, we can address your individual requirements and, if you wish, consult with you beforehand to adapt the demonstration to your needs. To make an appointment for a live Internet demonstration, click here.

We will show you things you will not see anywhere else.  
HP Hiflex® is the leading industrial software for the printing and media industry. Thanks to years of experience in the industry, our excellent economic know-how and our highly capable R&D department, we have developed software functions that you will not find anywhere else in this form.

HP Hiflex CIM Center - JDF connectivity live  
At our worldwide unique CIM Center in Aachen (Germany) we demonstrate multi-way JDF connectivity between the HP Hiflex MIS, creative, prepress, press and postpress systems. To facilitate this, JDF-enabled systems from leading manufacturers are installed at the CIM Center and connected to the HP Hiflex MIS, making live presentations of the CIM "Computer Integrated Manufacturing" concept possible. On three associated screens the complete capability of a multi-way and vendor-independent networked production environment comprehensively reveals itself.

JDF is based on sustainable MIS
The future compatibility of printers largely depends on the quality of the MIS used. When choosing a Management Information System (MIS), a printing company is usually making a five to six year commitment and should therefore consider the opportunities that networked production offers. As in the MIS-system technical data and process relevant data are available (through estimate and production control), the MIS functions as the JDF-controller for the data exchange between the individual departments and systems of a printing company.  

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