Closed webshop for business customers
A closed HP Hiflex webshop can be set up to implement customer-specific portals for the ordering of CI-conformant print products. This sustained enhancement of customer communication attracts loyal customers, saves time and reduces costs.
A closed HP Hiflex webshop enhances the communication between a print company and its business customers, guaranteeing an effortless handling of incoming orders. The value potential of a closed webshop is particularly high, as the customer's whole business processes can be modeled after it. CI (Corporate Identity) conformant print products are defined and released for printing with just a few mouse clicks.

With a business exclusive webshop, print service providers can allow selected customers to order products such as predefined printed matter with a corporate design. After entering a user name and password, the customer is granted access to a company-specific web page and is presented with an overview of the standard products for which a fixed layout and design has been established. These products can then be easily selected and ordered.

At the same time, certain products such as business cards or flyers can be personalized on the basis of specified design rules. The customer simply selects one of the offered templates and then enters text or exchanges images in the appropriate areas. At the end of the process, a print-ready PDF with all of the customer editions is created. As with all other orders, the user is given an opportunity to specify the required quantities, select one or more delivery addresses and check the inputs. This completes the actual ordering process; however, the customer can add an approval procedure with extra control mechanisms and correction loops if an order requires additional authorization. Together, these options facilitate a simple, streamlined way to purchase standard products in a corporate environment.
Benefits of a closed webshop system:
  • Job tracking: Recent jobs and their production progress can be tracked anytime. Also already closed jobs can be accessed.
  • Product personalization: Personalized CI-conformant products can be defined with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Stocks of finished and semi-finished products: Customers can check their remaining stock levels online and then call off the required products.
  • Approval of print data: Order-specific print data can be effortlessly uploaded and approved.
  • Corrections: Last-minute changes or adjustments can be communicated quickly and easily.
  • Information: Quotations, order confirmations, invoices and delivery notes for selected orders can be viewed online and printed.
  • Product configuration: Print products can be configured online and quotations can be generated automatically based on the customer-specific prices saved within the system.